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Chatsworth Group are domestic and commercial builders undertaking new building, renovations and refurbishments.

We can provide a complete design and construct service for luxury homes or apartments for single or multistory buildings.

Chatsworth Group also works in partnership with our below sister companies.

MK Logo-Black.png
Majon Kitchens

Custom designed residential joinery for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Robes. 

Commercial fit-outs for Schools, Retail and Offices facilities.

View our work online via Instagram @majonkitchens 

CSP Logo-Black.png
Caulfield south plumbing

Details Soon

View our work online via Instagram @caulfieldsouthplumbing 

RD Logo-Black.png
Roof Distributors

Inner Melbourne roofing contractors and licensed plumbers offering services

across resident​ial new homes, factories and commercial re-roofs. Specalist in

Body Corporate and Maintenance repairs.

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